ISC affiliated faculty, students, and staff represent 6 colleges, 14 academic units, and 1 university division on campus. These individuals represent wide-ranging expertise and resources, and are collectively working to address the global challenge of invasive species. 

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Are you interested in being a part of this vibrant and
interdisciplinary network?

Benefits of affiliation:

  1. Be part of an energetic and interdisciplinary community of faculty, staff, and students from across campus, including Blacksburg, Northern Virginia, ARECs, and Cooperative Extension, that share common interests in invasive species.
  2. Form new collegial interactions and research collaborations.
  3. Participate in unique workshops, seminars, and other activities.
  4. Present research and scholarship at various ISC-sponsored programs.
  5. Have access to unique opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
  6. Gain access to internal funding for research and training. 
  7. Be included on the ISC’s online directory for invasive species experts.

Affiliate responsibilities:

  1. Be willing to develop new research projects and/or expand existing research projects involving invasive species with other faculty.
  2. Agree to participate in or lead various ISC teams.
  3. Be willing to participate in the recruiting and mentoring of graduate students and postdocs.
  4. Attend the ISC’s annual research symposium, workshops/seminars, and networking events.
  5. As requested, submit formatted reporting.


At this time, only Virginia Tech employees and graduate students are eligible for affiliation. If you would like to be recognized as an external partner organization or agency, then please reach out to the ISC Program Coordinator at 

Next steps:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and submitted via Microsoft Forms. Submit your application here.