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The ISC was recently awarded a Destination Area 2.0 Phase II grant from Virginia Tech. This funding enables the ISC to magnify efforts in advancing invasive species scholarship and research on local, regional, national, and international levels.

Several positions are open! Please check this page frequently for position descriptions and application deadlines.

We're Hiring

Virginia Tech is seeking applicants for seven tenure track positions associated with the Invasive Species Collaborative (ISC). These new faculty positions will be housed within several colleges and academic units across campus as part of a large university wide interdisciplinary investment (Destination Area Phase 2) to make Virginia Tech a center of excellence in the science, policy, and management of invasive species at state, national, and international levels. 

The collaboration amongst new hires and existing faculty is paramount, and will enhance flagship programs in a broad range of disciplines and build on the broad foundation developed by the ISC. This long-term vision will create a strong interdisciplinary team of Virginia Tech faculty working on one of the top five global threats, addressing invasive species research, teaching, and outreach. We are seeking individuals who possess the skills to bridge disciplinary divides, drive innovative solutions, and engage in team science to apply for the following positions (associated college homes are indicated).

Please note that positions will be announced throughout the 2024 calendar year.

ISC Steering Committee - 2023 Strategic Meeting

Open Positions

Upcoming Positions

Environmental Law and Policy – Closed

Invasive Species Research and Extension – Closed

Invasive Species Economist

Environmental Data Scientist

Management Technologist

Global Change Ecologist

Invasive Plant Genomics 

The successful candidates are expected to have a significant component of their programs on invasive species. We are seeking candidates with a strong orientation towards team science, characterized by their ability to work collaboratively within multidisciplinary teams, including the ISC. Candidates who possess the skills to bridge disciplinary divides and drive innovative solutions are strongly encouraged to apply. The ISC is an enthusiastic group of faculty, staff, and students seeking interdisciplinary solutions to the invasive species grand challenge. These new hires will be key members of future campus-wide efforts to secure individual, team, and larger assets on invasive species issues, develop innovative curricula, and enhance interactions at the science-policy interface.